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iPad 2 Activation Lock Bypass

iPad 2 Activation Lock Bypass

The Process of Unlocking iCloud from the iPad

If the iPad 2 of yours shows a lock message then you might have probably wondered what that means especially when your iCloud account is locked. It could be because of various reasons and there are also many ways for resolving this issue. If you have an iPhone but facing a problem in unlocking the iPhone from the iCloud lock, then you are at the very right place. The article below contains various methods through which you could unlock your iPad 2 Activation Lock Bypass. 

What does iCloud Lock mean?

The activation lock otherwise called iCloud lock is a feature that is provided by Apple to the customers so that the unauthorised people would not be able to use your iPad or iPhone. If in case the device of yours gets stolen ever then the person who has stolen would have to enter the account details of yours before using the device and if they are unable to enter the details then the iPhone of yours would remain locked and becomes useless to them.

If you are having an iPhone which is iCloud locked and you don’t know the details of the account, you could still use the iPhone. Many websites would tell that one cannot use the iPhone if it is iCloud locked but the truth is you could still use iPhone unless it is password protected. Though you would not be able to turn off the Find my iPhone option you would also not be able to erase your device or reactivating the phone for setting up your details. 

The iPhone is traceable if the internet is connected to the phone. The owner of the phone could anytime lock the phone out and wipe the phone clean. Then this iPhone would be useless unless you could find out a way of unlocking this iCloud activation.

iPad 2 Activation Lock Bypass

How does the iPad 2 Activation Lock Bypass work?

Before knowing the process of unlocking your phone from the iCloud lock you should know the reason why your phone gets locked. There are various reasons as to when the iPhone gets iCloud locked. Get to know your reason and then find both temporary and permanent solutions for the same.

  • The first might be that you forgot to sign out from the Activation lock account before trying to reset your iPhone.
  • You might have forgotten your account password & locked out the iCloud account.
  • You might have forgotten to disable the Find My iPhone option before trying to reset your device.
  • It might be possible that someone would have got access to the iCloud account of yours and would have changed your password.
  • Another reason for your iCloud lock might be the previous owner of that iPhone signed out from her/his iCloud account, in case you have bought a used iPhone.

These were a few of the reasons why your iPhone might have been iCloud locked. There are some other causes for the iCloud lock iPhone as well. If your iPhone has been locked due to any of the above reasons keep reading the article.

How to iPad 2 Activation Lock Bypass

There are many steps in all the ways you get to unlock your iPad 2 which is iCloud locked. 

  1. The first one that we have on the list is the quickest and fastest possible solution for the activation lock. So, follow the below steps to unlock your phone at the quickest.
  • The first step is, go to the settings in your phone, you will then see an option of Wi-Fi, click on ‘i’ which is next to the Wi-Fi network that you wish to connect.
  • The next step is to remove DNS settings and then enter a new domain name system based on your location.
  • The next step forward is to tap on the option ‘Back’ & go to the option of ‘Activation Help’.
  • Once this bypass gets completed you will get the message over your phone which says that ‘You have been successfully connected to the server’. 

Your phone successfully gets unlocked from the iCloud lock but you have to keep in mind that this is not a permanent solution to the problem. This is a quick temporary solution. For the permanent solution keep reading the article.

  1. The second solution to unlock your iPhone from the iCloud lock is a permanent solution for unlocking your phone this can be done manually by you from the iPhone settings of yours. The steps for the permanent solution are as follows.
  • The first and foremost step is to go to the ‘menu’ and then ‘applications’ and the next ‘crash’. With this, your iPhone would restart.
  • After that select your language & the country you belong to, now choose the settings of Wi-Fi.
  • Select the ‘i’ option which is next to the relevant network of your Wi-Fi. Scroll down & tap on ‘Menu’ under the ‘ HTTP PROXY’.
  • In the server, try to list out thirty emoji icons.
  • The next step is to list out around fifteen to thirty random characters in Port Zone.
  • The next and the last step is that you will have to repeatedly slide the unlocked screen & tap the language option till you enter the home screen.

You can now use your iPad 2 normally after unlocking the iCloud locked iPad however this again must be remembered that though this is a permanent solution it is still far from the ideal solution. Because whenever you use different apps or you use your phone you will have to again perform the whole process.

There are lots of options on how to unlock your iCloud from iPad apart from the methods mentioned above. The two methods have been enlisted above, the first one is a quick method and the second one is a permanent method. The first one is more temporary while the second one might harm the functionality of your phone. So be wise while choosing the method for unlocking your iPhone. You can choose any of the above options which suits your conditions.

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iPad 2 Activation Lock Bypass


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