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Remove iPhone Activation Lock

Remove iPhone Activation Lock

We do everything what is needed to Remove iPhone Activation Lock. Works with any Apple Watch model and iOS. Use it for any iCloud lock.

REMOVAL Methods IN 2021

IMEI code is such a common thing that you can easily find in all the devices which have any sort of GSM connection for the network. From satellite phones to smartphone devices, manufacturers have to put these unique codes in devices for a unique identity. These numbers not only help to trace down a device, but these are also showing plenty of advantages about network connection and more.

The Giant tech company, Apple, is no exception because they also have to put these unique codes in their devices. Most of the people don't know how to check IMEI code in iOS devices. Well, if you are also willing to check out the code and don't know the right method, then we can help you in various manners. The below mentioned are top easy methods.

Getting through iCloud Account

In case your iOS device is stolen, then there is an alternative that you can rely on. The method is very simple, and anyone can follow the same.
• Use a laptop and visit the iClouds official website.
• Enter your Apple ID that you have been using in the stolen device.
• After logging in, you need to click the device section and choose the model.
• This will bring all the basic details, and you have plenty of other options here.
• In all those details, you can find the serial number and IMEI number with ease.
This method is very effective, and you have other features like erase your device, play siren, and locking your device. So, you can consider the same also.

How to Remove iPhone Activation Lock?

The activation lock associated with all the Apple devices is an amazing discovery to keep the thieves away. When an individual sets up an iPhone, the activation lock gets associated with the iCloud ID. Action locks are designed to keep the information of your device safe. It is applicable for all the Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, and iPod touch.

In case you erase your device without signing out from the iCloud, the information would be protected by the activation lock. Many users run into issues elated with activation lock when they purchase a pre-owned iPad or iPhone. If you buy a locked iPhone, you would not be able to activate and use the device until the previous owner removes the lock. Here we are going to discuss the ways of the iPhone Activation Lock Removal process.

What is an activation Lock?

In the year 2013, Apple sets up a new security feature that is designed to make iPhone safe from thieves and hackers. An Apple device can be associated with only one iCloud account for an individual. This implies that if the phone is stolen or sold to someone else, the account has to be removed from the phone. When you activate your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Apple notes the device’s unique code and the Apple ID. It attached the unique identifier code to the Apple ID. This prevents the other Apple IDs from using your device.

Without the correct combination of username and password of your Apple ID, your iPhone cannot be used by another individual and neither can be reset. You would notice the presence of the iPhone activation lock removal when your rest your iPhone or install an iOS upgrade. In both situations, you would have to verify your identity with the login details and activate the device.

How to remove the activation lock from your Apple device?

Some of the easiest ways of removing the activation lock from your Apple device are mentioned below:

If your device is erased

If for any reason you have erased all the information of your device without signing out of iCloud, you can recover and restore the information easily. Just by entering the valid Apple ID and password that you had used earlier, you would be able to remove the activation lock. In the versions of iOS 11 or higher, your account is protected by two-factor authentication. It lets you turn off the activation lock by using your device’s password. Click on “Unlock with Passcode” and then on “Use Device Passcode” and enter the passcode of your device. If you are still not able to remove the activation lock on your device, you should contact the Apple support center.

If you bought a pre-owned device

If you have planned to buy an iPad, iPhone, or iPod device from some other individual other than the authorized Apple seller or reseller, you should ensure that the device is erased. It should not be linked to the previous owner’s Apple account. If you are not able to remove the activation lock after purchasing from an individual, you would have to take the help of the previous owner. If if the previous owner stays nearby, ask them to enter their Apple ID and password on the activation lock screen and you would be able to remove the account from the device.

If the previous owner stays away from your place, you can follow the below-mentioned steps after getting the username and password:

  • Use their Apple ID to sign in to
  • Access “Find My iPhone”.
  • Click on “all devices: located at the top of the screen.
  • Select the device that you want to remove from iCloud.
  • Click on “erase” and click on “next”.
  • Click on “remove from the account”.

Request Apple to remove the activation lock

 If you are not able to activate your iPhone, you would have to ask Apple to remove the lock for you. Apple will be able to remove the activation lock from your device and they would need valid proof of purchase for it. You can either make an appointment with the local Apple store or take your device to the store along with the purchase proof. Alternatively, you can call the Apple support team and explain the entire situation. Request the representative to remove the activation lock from your device remotely. There are chances of your iPhone being erased during the process of removal.

Third-party services

Many third-party services offer to unlock your device by removing the activation lock. These third-party services charge a fee of around $30 for their performance. The third-party services are not official; however, many users have received help from them. They help to get your Apple device removed from the Apple’s lock list with the help of your device’s IMEI number. Two pieces of information are mandatorily required to use activation lock removal service and they are:

  • IMEI number
  • Device model

When you purchase an iPhone, you already know the name of the model. The IMEI number of the device is printed on the backside of your device. Alternatively, you can get the IMEI number by clicking on the info button located on the activation screen. When you have both the details go to the webpage of any of third party services and input the details. Make the payment through the checkout page. On average, they would complete the unlocking procedure within 3 days of the payment. AppleiPhoneUnlock is one of the best options to iPhone activation lock removal.

The security feature of the iPhone activation lock is tied to another feature known as “Find My iPhone”. Together they help you to locate your missing device in case you lose it. Make sure to enable both the features on your Apple device to keep it safe from theft and hack. Activation Lock is a crucial feature built for the safety of the phone and the owner.

Remove IPhone Activation Lock

We do everything what is needed to Remove iPhone Activation Lock. Works with any Apple Watch model and iOS. Use it for any iCloud lock.