iCloud Removal Service – iPhone / iPad

(102 customer reviews)

$34.00 $15.00

• For iPhone / iPad / iWatch
• Full iCloud Unlock
• Fast 3-24 Hour Unlock Time

Provide the following codes to unlock iCloud:

1. Enter IMEI or Serial Number:

2. Enter Device OS Software code:

Why? Because Device Software code shows if your iCloud can be Unlocked or not:
✅ Code starting with: OS7C-XXX – iCloud can be Unlocked
❌ Code starting with: OS8T-XXX – iCloud can't be Unlocked
(For OS8T devices you need to replace the locked logic board with unlocked one to bypass iCloud)



Rating: 4.8 / 5.0
(118 customer reviews)




iCloud Removal Service for iPhone/iPad/iWatch model.

Clean/Lost/Blacklisted Supported

iCloud Removal Service Unlock iCloud Activation lock Apple id iPhone iPad supported






iCloud Unlock Service takes 3-24 hours to complete.







Unlock iCloud
The following information is needed for iCloud unlock

Enter IMEI or Serial Number:

Device Software type shows if your iCloud can be Unlocked:
✅ iCloud code starting with: OS7C-XXX – Can be Unlocked
❌ iCloud code starting with: OS8T-XXX – Can't be Unlocked
(Logic board replacement is needed)



iPhone X, 8, 7, 6S, 6, 5S, 5, 4S, 4; iOS 12 / 11 / 10 / 9 / 8 / 7

iPad Pro, Air, mini, 2, 3, 4; iOS 12 / 11 / 10 / 9 / 8 / 7

Apple Watch 1, 2, 3





Our factory IMEI Unlock works with all iPhone models and iOS versions:

iPhone X, 8, 7, 6S, 6, 5S, 5, 4S, 4

 iOS version supported: iOS 12, 11, 10…. any iOS versions

Your iPhone IMEI will be whitelisted from Apple Activation Database (Official unlock and 100% legit).


Unlock success rate is 100%, if OS code starts with OS7….

Unlock Price: $15




You will NOT void any terms or warranties from Apple. All features will work perfectly




Contact us if you need more information.

Is there anything holding you back from making a purchase today?





Rating: 4.8/5.0 (Excellent)
(118 customer reviews)

102 reviews for iCloud Removal Service – iPhone / iPad

  1. Sam

    does it work for iphone xr

    • Cloud1

      Yes, it does work with XR models and all other iPhones from 5, 5S, 6, 6S, 7, 8, X, 11 etc

  2. Cody

    My locked iPhone is working again. iCloud lock removed

  3. Rose

    Question: If my device is OS8 model, then how to unlock it?

    • Cloud1

      For OS8 models it is cheaper to replace the logic board with unlocked one. OS7 models are possible to unlock but it costs over $180+

  4. Alex

    Tnx, icloud unlocked without previous owner

  5. Kate

    After ordering the iCloud Activation lock was turned off

  6. Frederick R

    Surprisingly this unlocked my iPhone 6S 128GB model

  7. Walter

    Question: I got the code from, my code is OS7. Can this be unloced?

    • Cloud1

      Yes, all models starting with OS7 can be unlocked. Just purchase the service and it will be unlocked in 0-24 hours.

  8. Tom

    Question: Does it still work?

    • Cloud1

      Yes, our unlocking servers are working full time at the moment. Just make the order.

  9. Eric.P

    I was not expecting that it would unlock my icloud. 5+

  10. Dennis

    Cheapest way for me to get my iPhone unlocked

  11. Benjamin

    iPhone back in business

  12. Ralf D

    Question: Whats the Device software code? Why its needed?

    • Cloud1

      Device code shows us if the iCloud lock is possible to unlock or not.

  13. Roy

    I got mine unlocked

  14. Elliot

    Question: Can you unlock my iPad Pro?

    • Cloud1

      I think so, order the device code from and let us know if you need unlocking.

  15. Olivera T

    Question: Where to get that Device code?

  16. darrian

    Hello i was wondering ive been looking everywhere do you think there is a program that i can download so i can unlock as many phones as i want for free thank you.

    • Cloud1

      No there are no free unlock method now. There were some two years ago but not anymore.

  17. Hendrics

    A+ service. iCloud was deleted without password

  18. Dave

    100% Success Thank you so much for unlocking my ipad

  19. Paul E

    Question: Is this the final price? Do I need to pay any extra after $15+$4.95?

    • Cloud1

      Yes, $15 is the final price + $4.95 for checking.

  20. Ellen P

    Question: iPads can be unlocked from iCloud lock?

    • Cloud1

      Yes, iPads, iPhones and iWatched are supported.

  21. Anna R

    Question: Is it possible to unlock any iPad and iPhone?

    • Cloud1

      Yes, iPads / iPhones and iWatched are supported.

  22. Steve

    Got my iPhone locked with 1 week

  23. May O

    Thank you so much

  24. Yerry

    Question: Does it really work?

    • Cloud1

      Yes, our iCloud unlocking server are working full time at the moment.

  25. Yane

    Question: How fast is the unlocking process?

    • Cloud1

      Usually it takes 0-24 hours to unlock.

  26. Peter

    No for me

  27. George

    Cheapest unlock I have found. After I paid 100 dollars to other scammers on the internet

  28. Helen W

    Question: Can I find out the Device code without paying $4?

    • Cloud1

      It can’t, this cannot be checked from the device. This information comes from the server.

  29. Ron


  30. Rid

    Got contact from my ebay seller

  31. Oliver

    iCloud you damn thing. Finally its unlocked now.

  32. Logan

    Question: I dont know the Apple ID password, can this iPhone be unlocked?

    • Cloud1

      You are right, this service is exactly for devices if you don’t know the Apple ID and password.

  33. Alexa F

    Question: What iPhones are supported?

    • Cloud1

      All iPhones are supported. From iPhone 6 to 11 Pro.

  34. Carlo

    All working, can access my home screen and set up my iCloud with my details

  35. Rex

    Question: Hi! Can this iPhone be unlocked 359266061350306 ?

  36. Robert

    Really genius

  37. Thomas

    5 stars to you my man

  38. Watson

    Question: Does it work with my iPhone 8? Locked to iCloud Activation Lock, dont no the password

  39. yoyomi


  40. Benwee

    Awesome thing. Love your super super unlocking service. highly recommended.

  41. Inna

    iCloud permanently unlocked, A+

  42. Thomas K

    Question: Do I understand that if my Device code starts with OS7 then the iCloud is unlockable?

    • Cloud1

      Yes, exactly. OS7 models are possible to unlock.

  43. Randy

    Had bought 4 iPhones cheaply. 3 got unlocked, 1 is still locked

  44. Elly

    iCloud removed

  45. Henry

    Owner said that my iPhone was stolen from him last year. Luckily still got it unlocked

  46. Louis

    Service worked and Find my iPhone is removed

  47. Brandon

    I knew previous owner email and phone number and I called the owner but he does not remember the password. iCloudOnOFF still was able to unlock it.

  48. Olly

    Question: Is this Permanent unlock?

    • Cloud1

      Yes, it is permanent unlock. It will not relock in the future.

  49. Joe S

    Question: Can iPhone x be unlocked from iCloud?

  50. Jan Vin

    Questions: What if the owner didnt remember the password and username is there any way to unlock my iphone 6s?

  51. Opra

    Question: Why and where to get the IMEI and Device code?

  52. Robert

    Thank you bro

  53. Samuel

    I did not believed that it can work but I was wrong. Got my iPhone X unlocked.

  54. Peter

    6 days for me. Nice

  55. Joshua

    Found one iPhone last month. Used this service to unlock it but owner Paid me $200 to get his phone back

  56. anthony

    Best deal

  57. Mark

    I would even paid more:D

  58. Ronald

    Luckily it worked

  59. Andrew

    Activation locked disappeared

  60. Owen

    It took 4 days but finally they were able to unlock it

  61. Polars

    Super. I got my iPhone X unlocked.

  62. TT

    Almost, server found me different way to get my iPhone unlocked. Great

  63. Wilson

    Finally unlocked

  64. Fred


  65. RoseT

    It took 4 days but my iPhone 6 got unlocked

  66. Anna

    All good, working again

  67. Kevin

    My iPhone 4 still locked.

  68. Jerry

    Got owner info

  69. NicoE

    Very Fast service A+

  70. Ralph


  71. Rob

    Why the fuck i found this site so late:D

  72. Hafize

    hello sir, u can fix my iphone 4s, IMEI 013005001243819 iOs 9.3.5 from brunei darussalam. reply asap

  73. DaisyR

    thank youuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

  74. Jackson

    My used iPhone was unlocked by the owner instead

  75. Ed

    Around 13 days it took to get my iPhone unlocked

  76. WalterR

    Actvation Lock screen was just deleted after the process

  77. Albert

    Nice option but not worked to get unlocked

  78. David

    One day my iPhone had Activation screen on and nothing else to do. Last owner contacts were missing. This service worked for me

  79. GamerTen

    Finally I can use my iPad. Thanks for quick service

  80. Roger

    Phone real owner deactivated Activation lock from

  81. Raymond

    I purchased 4 icloud unlocked phones from craigslist. 2 of them are unlocked after 2 weeks. One owner is unreachable

  82. Thomas

    icloudOnoff were able to unlock my iPhone. Thank you

  83. Bob

    iPhone unlocked and now linked with my iCloud account

  84. An.L

    Oh I finally can access my iPhone again

  85. Lisa

    Did not work but server gave me further instructions how I can unlock my iPhone 6. Thank you, worth the money

  86. Larry

    Nice job

  87. Scott


  88. Tim

    It worked for my iPhone 6 and took 3 days;)

  89. George B

    I got 2 out of 3 iphones iCloud unlocked that i bought from ebay

  90. Eric

    After 3 days of waiting I got it unlocked

  91. Yade

    this can be recommended

  92. Joe

    2 days to get information and finally unlocked. So happy

  93. Gary

    I even got my blocked iPhone unlocked with it. I lived in UK and owner was in USA. I called so many times that he finally unlocked my device:D

  94. Carl

    Even my iPhone which was blocked by previous owner got unlocked. Great service

  95. Terry

    Finally after 6 days of waiting to get my iPhone free

  96. Lewy

    5 stars it is

  97. Jones

    Nice job

  98. Billy

    Find my iPhone unlocked finally

  99. Douglas

    No luck for mine iPhone. But cheap way to try

  100. Roger

    I decided two weeks to buy this service. I got my iPhone working again

  101. Owen


  102. Anna

    4 days and my iPad was unlocked and useable again

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