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iPhone 11 Pro Max Bypass

iPhone 11 Pro Max Bypass

You got an iPhone 11 and cannot wait to start using it but the excitement comes to a screeching halt when you see the iCloud activation window. The previous owner forgot unlocking and gave it up for sale leaving you stuck. Worry not for in this article we will discuss the different ways of bypassing the iPhone 11 Pro Max Bypass. So without further ado.

iCloud Activation Lock (iPhone 11)-What is It?

Before we dive into the solutions, a quick briefing of what iCloud activation is can help understand things better.

The iCloud lock is an effective security feature by Apple for protecting the privacy of each iPhone user. Much like any security lock, this one’s purpose is to secure your data from any privacy breaches or thefts. Problems arise when you purchase a second-hand phone and this anti-theft tool is preventing you from setting up the iPhone your way with your credentials.

How does iCloud Work?

The iCloud Activation operates by locking out anyone with the iPhone in consideration automatically. This is possible when the user activates the “Find My iPhone” security aspect. The purpose of both the iCloud and the “Find My iPhone” is to work together and ensure tight security. The moment the Find My iPhone feature activates; the iCloud Activation Lock is automatically on and now your device is secure. Moving on to the different steps, you can take to get across the iCloud on iPhone 11.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Bypass 2021

iPhone 11 Pro Max Bypass Ways

Ask the Seller

The initial and simple step is to contact the seller when you are sure your purchase was rightful. They will give you the credentials or go to their iCloud and remove their device so you can have it ready and set it up to your way.

They will sort out the matter for you. Moreover, you can contact Apple TS4515 and ask for their assistance in dealing with this issue. Show them your proof of purchase and they will lend you a hand. However, if you fail to reach out to the owner then it does not hurt to check if the iPhone is a stolen device. 

Your iPhone is a Stolen Device

Did you get the phone from a genuine seller because there is a high probability that the iPhone you want to unlock is stolen? Your phone is iCloud locked as the previous owner set up ‘iCloud‘ and ‘Find My iPhone‘ but for whatever reason, they did not remove it.

This is relatively common when you buy used devices on Craigslist or eBay. Two reasons for the lack of iCloud lock removal are:

  • The owner overlooked or was unknowing that they had to unlock the device before selling it
  • You bought a stolen device and the person you purchased it from did not remove it

What to do next? You can check if you now own a stolen iPhone by going on Stolen Phone Checker. This website lets consumers check the iPhone status of any model by putting in the IMEI/ESN or MEID. Five checks are doable in a day. These tools can give you information about the phone and its cellular network. Sadly, if your iPhone comes out as stolen then Apple will not help you.

Bypassing Via Helpful Apps

An effective way to get your iPhone running is to get help from some powerful apps.  You can bypass the iCloud on your iPhone 11 via the iPhone unlocking process. The iPhoneUnlock is an amazing unlocking way that bypasses the iCloud Activation Lock in a few days. Below is a guide to help you with every step. 

  • Get on the iPhoneUnlock website and go to “iPhone 11 Pro Max Bypass”.
  • A new page will pop up and you must choose iPhone 11 from the “Handset Type” menu then put your IMEI number. For those unaware of their IMEI number, you can dial *#06# and your IMEI will pop up on your screen.
  • Then choose “Add to Cart” and do the payment.
  • For bypassing the iCloud on iPhone 11, you need to enter your valid email address and select “Continue”.
  • As this service requires payment, choose your payment method from a debit card or card and proceed.  The website uses Nochex for securing the element process so you can be at ease.
  • You will get an email confirming the payment and telling you that the process will take two to three days and you get a payment confirmation email. As the iPhone unlocks, you will receive an email notification.

Bypassing iCloud via DNS

Aside from opting for a paid service, you can utilize a quick and free method of using the DNS, too. With this, you do everything yourself so no waiting and no money necessary.  Below is how you can proceed with this. 

  • On the iCloud Activation window, choose the “Home” option and then select “Wi-Fi” settings.
  • Once there, press the “I” icon and this will lead you to DNS settings.
  • Now you need to put in some necessary details for DNS to work. The info also depends on the location and we will explain it all. For residents in the US, you can enter, European residents can enter Asian residents can enter and for the remaining world, will work.
  • After entering the digits, select “Back” and then click Done.
  • Then you need to go to the “Activation Help” option. You will receive a message displaying “You have successfully connected to my server”.
  • Go to the “Menu” option and this will allow you access to features like the internet, videos, games, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max Bypass and you get across the iCloud barrier.

You can choose whatever appropriate application you think will give the info you need for the phone’s owner and contact them.

Final Words

The iCloud Activation is undoubtedly a great aspect of iOS. Nonetheless, when things get tricky and lock you out, it can be stressful.  As we explained in this article the different ways you can tackle this problem, we hope you can find your solution. Opt for whichever method suits you best and enjoy using your iPhone 11.

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iPhone 11 Pro Max Bypass


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