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Four easy ways to factory reset iPad without Apple ID and Password

Four easy ways to factory reset iPad without Apple ID and Password


Did you recently purchase a second-hand iPhone and are now facing an iCloud lock on your device? The best thing is to contact the previous owner of this phone and ask him iCloud account details. But what if you don’t know him and you can’t contact him? Has this investment now gone to waste? No, not. Millions of people around the world face this issue every year and for that, there are tools and services to help. iCloud unlocking tools is a reliable way to unlock the activation lock on your device. Be it your iPhone, iPad, or iWatch, these tools are made with the purpose to give you ultimate relief.

There are several iCloud unlocking tools present online today. Some are free while for some you have to pay. In this article, we will look at the top 5 iCloud unlocking tools with their advantages and disadvantages. But before that let’s find out what exactly is an activation lock.

iCloud Activation Lock without Password

This is a feature found in “Find My Phone.” This is a security feature and assists in finding your lost or stolen phone. For example, if your phone gets stolen, you can erase the name of your phone remotely and trace its present location. This lock has the support of an iCloud account that comes with an email and password. However, if you do not remember the iCloud account details, but want to deactivate the lock, remember it is not possible. For this purpose only, there are iCloud unlocking tools. They help to bypass this lock without an iCloud account’s information.

Now that we understand the importance of an iCloud unlocking tool, here are a few things you should know about.

Four easy ways to factory reset iPad without Apple ID and Password

Free and Paid

There are all kinds of unlocking tools available online. Some are free while some are paid. Most free unlocking locks are merely scams and hack your computer before you even get to know. Paid tools are mostly safe and reliable. To make your life easy, we have listed some paid and some free unlocking tools below. The reason for this list is to save you from the wrath of all kinds of online scams. Read ahead and choose the tools that suit you the best.

How Can a Bypass iCloud Tool Help You?

The iCloud Bypass term has become quite an important one for iOS users presently. For iOS users who suffer from iCloud locked issues now and then, the Bypass iCloud tool is of great help. Recently, this iCloud locked issue has created chaos and confusion among the public. When the iCloud locked issue occurs, users are unable to access some of the important activities of the iDevice causing inconvenience. The iCloud Bypass tool was developed by people associated with the iOS family and was first introduced in 2014. Currently, the iCloud Bypass service is available to people. Anyone who faces the iCloud locked issue can now use the iCloud Bypass tool from service centres. Using this tool, anyone can complete the iCloud activation process easily. 

Four easy ways to factory reset iPad without Apple ID and Password

Currently, several iCloud Bypass tools are available to people. However, most of them are useless, junk and fake. Often ignorant people use those tools only to get their devices malfunctioned by malware. These fake iCloud bypass tools can steal confidential information and damage your iDevice beyond repair. The official iCloud Bypass service is reliable and safe. The tool has been tested several times by developers. The iCloud locked issue can be solved using the official iCloud tool online. Downloading the official iCloud Bypass tool doesn’t involve the installation of malicious, unwanted applications on your device. Unlocking requires the IMEI number of the iDevice. Users can unlock any iCloud locked account using the iCloud Bypass tool following a few steps.

What Is Apple ID and iCloud?

iCloud is a safe and secure cloud storage space where all information of any iDevice is stored. Starting from documents, photos, videos, apps, music, and everything else, one can access them from the iCloud server. Users can share information and data from iCloud to any other iDevice. iCloud also comes with additional features that every iDevice user can use, such as iTunes, Apple music, contacts, calendars, notes, reminders, and so on. Users create an iCloud account on their iDevice by signing in with their official email and number. Using your Apple ID, you can log into your iCloud account from a Windows PC or Mac device. However, creating an iCloud account on your iDevice is completely optional. Using the additional features available on iCloud, users can create albums and add photos to the iCloud server and do a lot of things. The iCloud locked issue occurs because of this iCloud account that iOS users usually create. 

Developers are updating the iOS devices with every passing day, offering the latest features and facilities to the iOS community. Currently, iPhone 12 and iOS 14 have been launched in the market. Now, iOS 14 and iPhone 12 users are facing the iCloud locked account issue. Developers have addressed the issue effectively and have finally come up with the compatible Bypass iCloud tool that can solve the issue in both devices instantly.

Can users use the latest iCloud Bypass system to unlock their iOS 14 and iPhone 12 iCloud locked accounts?

The widely used tool right now in the iOS community, the iCloud unlock Bypass tool of 2020 has been updated to its latest version and incorporates features to unlock the iOS 14 and iPhone 12 versions. The tool has been designed to the next level and is extremely useful. Users are extremely satisfied with the kind of services and facilities the updated iCloud Bypass tool is offering. It’s risk-free, secure, and fast. The online Bypass iCloud tool also comes with a straightforward and user-friendly interface that allows people to easily unlock their accounts in a few minutes. 

The iCloud server activation process

The iCloud unlocking procedure is simple and efficient. Then process runs on a special pattern of an algorithm. Upon entering your iDevice’s IMEI number, the iCloud Bypass tool creates an alternative pathway enabling users to access the locked iCloud account immediately. The process is secure and safe. There’s no risk of getting your system infected by malware. Developers have made the unlocking procedure extremely simple. In just a few steps you can unlock and access your iCloud account in your iDevice. Even if you aren’t a tech person, following the simple steps would get your work done. It’s extremely user-friendly and iOS users are extremely happy and satisfied with the iCloud Bypass service. Here are Four easy ways to factory reset iPad without Apple ID and Password:

Apple ID Bypass online

  • As the name suggests, this process is conducted online entirely. There’s no need for downloading or installing the iCloud Bypass application on your device. You only have to enter the IMEI number of your iDevice. After entering the number, the steps would appear on the screen, requiring users to follow them as stated.

iPhone iCloud Bypass process

If you are unable to avail of some of your iDevice’s applications due to the iCloud locked issue, this is the only option for you. Similar to the first one, this process is online as well. Users are required to enter the IMEI number of their iPhones into the online web tool. Immediately the server would internally analyse your device and allow you accessibility alternatively.

Features of the iCloud Bypass tool

Developers have incorporated several interesting features in the iCloud Bypass tool, making it more effective and fast. Users can access those features of the tool for free. All in all, this improves the user’s experience and helps them enjoy the iCloud Bypass process. Below enlisted are some of its features. 

Effective, efficient, and user friend

Considering the difficulty that people face when it comes to solving technical issues on their own, developers have made this tool easily usable. Some people aren’t technologically advanced. The user-friendliness of the tool helps them solve their locked iCloud issue at home. All you need to do is enter the IMEI number of your iDevice and follow the steps as stated.

Legal, secure, and fully guaranteed results

As we already said, there are innumerable iCloud Bypass tools that are available to the public. However, most of them are fraudulent and useless. Neither are they safe not do they guarantee results? On the other hand, the official iCloud Bypass tool is effective, completely secure, and successfully assists you in accessing your locked iCloud account. The official iCloud Bypass service has emerged to be extremely popular in the iOS community at present. 

Are you facing issues in accessing your iCloud account in your iDevice? Download the official iCloud bypass tool now and get started with the unlocking process. It’s doesn’t take enough time and is a free service for all iOS users! 

For all other iPhone/iPads that have iOS 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 or 14 then you use
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Four easy ways to factory reset iPhone without Apple ID and Password


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Unlock process is done with server-based method. IMEI or SN code is needed.