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iPhone 6 iCloud Lock Removal


As we all know that iCloud unlocking seems to be impossible task. Apple has made iPhone iCloud Lock Removal much harder with the newer iOS software ( iOS 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14). All the free and easy methods were available with iOS 7 software.
There are lots of videos, blog posts, websites that offer iCloud Unlock Services on the internet that are not working anymore or are scams.
This is due to Apple upgrades and new iOS

With its world of cutting-edge technology and unique features, Apple is a favorite of many, but things can get frustrating when it comes to technical issues. One common problem many Apple owners face is the Activation screen hurdle, and if you do not have what Apple demands, like the ID and password, it can be challenging to access the device. This dispute is often mainly for people using second-hand Apple devices.
Figuring out how you can bypass the Activation Lock on your Apple device can be stressful, but it is not impossible. We will discuss all possible solutions for unlocking the Apple iCloud.



iPhone 6 iCloud Lock Removal

(124 customer reviews)
Permanent iCloud Unlock
3-24 hour unlock time



There are 4 methods options for iPhone 6 iCloud Lock Removal 

Cheap iPhone/iPad unlock method 65% rate (We offer this service)
Contact iCloud Original owner and ask him for the password
Go to Apple store if you have original receipt
Guess the password. Good luck!

iPhone 6 iCloud Lock Removal, there is a server-based solution that works for 65% of devices. These devices have got specific manufacturing types. The only way to know if your devices can be unlocked is to start the process on the server. The success rate for this – last 6-7 persons out of 10 have been successful and they have got their iPhones and iPads working again. They are able to Restore their devices and link their own iCloud account with the device.

Service is server-based, we don’t need you to send your iPhone or iPad to us. You need to send us your device IMEI or Serial Number code.’

Average processing time is 1 day 18 hours.

Why does it cost money?

It is a server-based process and it costs money. iClouds are unlocked same way as all the iPhone carrier unlocks are made and they are not free also.

How to Check If My iPhone Has iCloud Activation Lock Activated?

Apple always comes up with some of the advanced safety features which can easily make you feel secure. From your privacy to device keeping secured from unauthorized accessed in case of lost or stolen, there are various features that can secure you.

iCloud is playing the most important role which connects all your device, and you can take some critical action using your iCloud account. A couple of methods are available to secure your phone like Biometric security, Passcode, and iCloud ID for proper access.

So, if your device got stolen, then there is no way that another person can use your device. You are able to put a locked screen option, which is hard to crack by everyone; that’s why you can rely on such features with ease.

The possible option to bypass security code is to install new firmware, and anyone can do it. But, if you have an iCloud activation lock turned on, then you don’t have to worry about it. In such conditions, your phone will be paperweight for the person who is currently having your phone.

Activation Lock

Apple introduced this feature to activate an Apple Device which stores the iCloud ID of the owner inside the apple security chip. It doesn’t matter that how much time a person installs firmness; getting rid of the activation lock is impossible, and there is no other bug. This activation lock is highly advanced, and no one is able to get rid of it.

So, if you want to know if your Apple Device has this feature turned on, then there are various methods, but the direct method is to check inside your phone.

iPhone 6 iCloud Lock Removal is the iOS feature that staves off theft by entering the Apple ID and password before you could use the device. The iCloud Activation Lock toils together with “Find My iPhone,” which is another security aspect allowing you to find your missing device. These features come by default on all Apple devices and work wonders for securing your device.
If you amass an iPad or iPhone with an Activation lock, you have to obtain the Apple ID with password from your device’s initial owner, or you can ask them to unlock the device for you via iCloud. However, if it is difficult to obtain the password, it is time to take things further and think of other steps which will require some work.
Activation Lock can be a blessing and a curse because once the lock initiates, it is almost impossible to use the Apple device without the authorized Apple credentials. There is modifying the device to make it work. It sounds frustrating, but there are no problems without remedies.

Checking and Reassuring

Follow the below-mentioned steps to learn whether your iOS device has this feature turned on or not. Let’s have a look –

  • Open settings and tap on your Apple ID, which is on top of Settings.
  • It will show plenty of options like Name, Account details, iCloud, and more.
  • Open iClouds now, and you have to scroll down to the bottom.
  • There will be Find My Device option and tap on it.
  • Check whether “Find My Device” is turned On or Off.
  • If it off, then turns it On, but you have to enter iCloud ID and other details.

Everything is done after entering all the details, but make sure that you wait until it turns on. After doing everything, you can recheck to assure if turned on or not.

The Final Verdict

Except for the above-mentioned method, you can head over to iCloud’s official website and login to your account to iPhone 6 iCloud Lock Removal. You will find plenty of details on those criteria. Open the “Find My Device” option, and if it shows your device in the list, then it means Activation Lock is already active, and you don’t have to worry about privacy if your device got stolen by someone. Hope this guide will let you get rid of all the issues with ease.

iPhone 6 iCloud Lock Removal

(124 customer reviews)
Permanent iCloud Unlock
3-24 hour unlock time